Terms and conditions

Every filmmaker or animator, whether professional or student, can submit as many works as he/she likes. There is no submission fee. In order to register your work, you must fill and send the entry form.

1. The filmmaker declares that she/he has the copyright of the work and should be regarded as the sole maker. The person submitting the film/video declares with her/his signature below that she/he is entitled by the owner of the rights in the film/video to undertake such submission and that the owner of the rights agrees to the enclosed regulations in their currently valid form.

2. The festival reserves the right to screen/present the selected films in any festival circumstances and activities (but only under the name of Kinofest).
Kinofest activities consist of:

  • presentations and screenings during the festival, the award event (the gala)
  • the festival retrospectives
  • in exhibitions, lectures
  • in a TV broadcast
  • in a catalogue (in printed or electronic form)
  • on the official website of Kinofest
  • on a partner web-site/platform, available only for Romanian IP
  • other materials/activities

All our activities will be marked with the festival's name, all the films will be presented as part of a selection, in groups, so they will not be used separatly. Our activities are not permanent, they are limited in time (usualy they last few days). In all circumstance, the organisers will assure and guarantee the safety of the films, so no copy will by possible.

3. The festival reserves the right to use trailers, music and still images of your work for promotion and marketing purposes (only under the name of Kinofest) – maximum 30 seconds.

4. The movies are accepted only if they are subtitled in English (condition necessary only for the films with dialogues).

5. Accepted Formats

Accepted formats are MP4, Quicktime, AVI, MPEG 2, DVD-VOB

  • 5 seconds black before the movie starts
  • export your movie as quicktime 720x576 pixels with dv-pal compressor and 48kh sound or 1280x720 pixels with dv-pal compressor and 48kh sound, or 1920 x 1080 pixels with dv-pal compressor and 48kh sound

6. Competition categories

Animation (3D SPACE , FX MIX_2D_3D, FLASH, MACHINIMA,OTHER TEHNICS) - produced in 2011 or later
For the Animation category we accept films entirely computer generated, 3D animations, digitally composed hybrids which mix different techniques, eg. live action, 2D animation and 3D animation, works produced with Adobe Flash. We accept all genres, whether artistic or commercial productions.

Fiction (max 20 minutes)
For the Fiction category we accept films of all genres, produced 2011 or later.
The only condition for the partcipation is adherence to the duration of the total footage of 20 minutes.

Micromovie (max 200 seconds)
For the Micromovie category we accept films that work well on the small screens of mobile devices, produced 2010 or later. We accept all genres, whether artistic or commercial productions. The time limit is 200 seconds, the screen size is 720x576.

7. Registration of the film:

A. Via internet:
We recommend that you send us the film and the entry form online, using for example www.wetransfer.com (up to 2MG) or www.transfer.ro (up to 1MG). We recommend the MP4 or MPEG 2 format for the online submition.
The entry form can be sent also on our e-mail adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

B. Conventional mail
We accept any submissions by conventional mail using only FedEx or DHL. Please do NOT use the public postal services.

Adress: Valentin Partenie, Asociatia Kinofest, Str. Dionisie Lupu, nr.74, ap. 46, cod postal 010459, Bucharest, Romania

By conventional mail, we accept data-DVD (no multiplexed audio/video tracks).

All materials from abroad must be sent with customer declaration on the packaging stating the following: "For cultural purposes only. No commercial value." The DVD will not be returned.

Required materials for the registration:

  • copy of the film (formats are specified above)
  • the entry form filled
  • still images
  • synopsis
  • trailer (if possible)

8. Pre-selection:

All registered films will be submited to a pre-selection process. The Kinofest Team selects the films which will take part in competitions.
The film will not be selected in any of the following cases:

  • the digital videofile does not work technically or it is too big
  • the film does not fit into any of the Kinofest categories
  • the film violates any Romania or European laws
  • the film does not match the artistic standards of the Kinofest Festival

9. Contest:

The Animation and Fiction competitions will take place duiring the festival, when the Kinofest jury will choose the Best Animation / Best Fiction. If our budget will allow more, we'll be able to have also 2 Jury Prizes, one for each section.
Micromovie competition will take place online, between 1-30 September. All shorts competing for the Micromovie Prize will be published on the Youtube Kinofest channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/MrKinofest?feature=mhee) and will be voted by the public. Of course, the film with most voted will be the winner – the Best Micromovie.