And the winners are…

Best Fiction: EFIMERA, Diego Modino (18' / Spain / 2012)


Alicia dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. In the cozy windmill where she lives with her grandmother, she impatiently waits for the moment to go for the long-awaited audition. But out there, the world is not as idyllic as she thinks. This is the story of Alicia's initiatory journey, from her candid world of fantasy to the dark and violent reality.

Efimera Short is qualified for Oscar, Goya and Méliès prizes; it was selected in 86 festivals (Cannes, Palm Springs, Shorts Shorts Film Festival Japan, Belgrade, Cleveland, etc), and received 26 distinctions (Busan Int'l Short Film Festival, South Korea; Maremetraggio, Italy; Imaginaria, Italy; GIJÓN Film Festival, Spain; Medina del Campo, Spain; Worldfest Huston, USA; Kaothsun Taiwan, etc)

A film noted "for the magical hopeful moment, when two oposite worlds meet: one of innocese and fantesy, and the other one of brutalization and violence". Mihai Fulger (Kinofest jury member)


Fiction Jury's Prize: THE HEAT, Bartosz Kruhlik (23'30'' / Poland / 2013)

The Heat

Coal or wood afire to redness, 2. High air temperature, 3. Vehemence of feelings.

It was selected at „Auburn Int'l FilmFestival for Children and Young Adults (Sydney Australia), Fresh Film Fest (Cehia), Guanajuato Int'l Film Festival (Mexic). Bartosz Kruhlik was selected at Kinofest in the past for the fiction shorts „Vanishing" si „http://".

The Kinofest Prize was motivated by the jury: "for the powerful impact of images on us, inviting us to meditate at the perversity of evil and the vulnerability of inocence"


Best Animation: EX ANIMO, Wojciech Wojtkowski (6'52" / Poland / 2013)


An animated impression. Images conjured up by the animator form a two-dimensional reality of their own. Absurd and unrelated scenes describe the rules governing the world confined to a sheet of paper and animation technique. The relationships between the characters seem strangely familiar.

The film was considered by the jury for the manual technique used, the artistic achievement, for the creativity and fantesy of the characters.


Animation Jury's Prize: LIKE RABBITS, Osman Cerfon (9' / France / 2012)


This is the second chapter of "Croniques de la poisse". The fish-headed man pursues his gloomy ride in a funfair, randomly distributing his bubbles of doom. As the title suggests, it is mainly a matter of rabbits, but do not forget about the crows! And if you see in this film a sordid portrait of a screwed up humankind, then you might have a bit of a twisted mind yourself.

A price gained for the originality of the film, for the black-surprising-ironic humor, and for the contemporary graphics.


Best Micromovie: TRUEHEART GOES FISHING, Eden Chan (1'45" / Taiwan /2013)

Trueheart goes fishing

Trueheart likes fishing. One day, he was fishing on the ice sheet, and then...

This edition, Micromovie competition happened online. The 17 finalists films could be watched and voted on Kinofest site. The Taiwanese student animation received most like-s. Basically, Best Micromovie at Kinofest 2013 is an audience award.

Members of the Fiction Jury:
Mihai Fulger – film journalist and critic, editor at Cinemateca Romana
Alexandra Paun – script writer and independent film producer
Claudiu Paun – director of photography, creative producer Realitatea TV

Members of Animation Jury:
Dan Vezentan – creative partner New Folder, visual artist
Cristina Zaharia – film critic, editor
Radu Tinc – art director MEKA Creative Open Space, graphic designer, animator
Andrei Tripsa - ‎Creative Partner Three

Kinofest 2013 prizes are offered by ARCUB.

The Folders – The first movie .zip format

TheFolders"The Folders" is the first movie .zip format. A Three & Kinofest production.
The films has an original script and can be watched in any room. On the computer, mobil phone or tablet.
"The Folders" can be downloaded from:

Have a pleasant viewing!

Find out the selected films for Kinofest 2013

The preselection process is over, and the finalists films are published here, on the festival's official web page. There are more than 250 films presented this year, 150 of them being Romanian premiers: 71 films in the competitions - all brand new for the Romanian public; 54 films in the Off-competition section, about 140 films in the parallel programs.

Please check the lists of films for every cathegory of the festival.



Sunday, 29th September in the last day of Kinofest, at Energiea Pub, after the marathon of film projections, we close the festival with the audio story of those of the VELOSONICS - a brand new Pop-Rock libertine band, gathered in Bucharest. We'll meet them leisurely at the establishment, around 9.30PM.

About Velosonics:
We know that they arised in Bucharest, in 2013, in the formula: Adrian Spier - voice and acoustic guitar; Cristian Prihotca - drums; Andrei Niculescu - lead guitar and Marius Acsîntoaie - rhythm guitar.

Characteristic elements are: mioritic play, perfect pop, impeccable production, pure and british sound. In this moment they can be heard in Radio Guerrilla's playlist, with their second single "Bebop".

More details here:


Dear friends,
We're officialy launching the media campaigne 2013, signed by Three agency. Here are the posters and the videos.

The preselection is over, and we'll publish the list of films very soon. In the mean time, here are the latest informations:
- the festival will take place at: Cinema Union, Energiea Pub, St. Ink Gallery.
- Kinofest concert: we'll have Velosonics, at Energiera Pub, in the last day of the festival